Basic Idea







Basic Idea

"Pelican" is a multimedial performance with these elements: music – dance - songs - text – film

The concept was designed by Fr. Joaquin Alliende, the International President of „Aid To The Church In Need", an universal pastoral charity of the Catholic Church.

The basic theme of the production contains these thoughts:

The persecuted Church – the memory of the martyrs of the 20th century – as a basis for new evangelisation in the 3rd millennium.

„Duc in altum“: To carry the key message of the Jubilee year 2000 into the future.

To contact a new generation: through the language of music and bodily expression, the musical intends to conquer the heart in this new way - just as Fr. Werenfried van Straaten, founder of the organization Aid to the Church in Need, did in its early days.

The World Youth Day: A new culture of Catholic youth. At the World Youth Day in Madrid 2011 „Pelican“ will be performed to the world‘s youth.

The language is English, as this musical is an international product. At each performance, however, guides in the local language with more detailed information on the content will be distributed.